Tea, Tea, and more Tea!


About five days ago, my husband talked me into spending money. He wanted to buy me the Perfectea Maker by Teavana. I reluctantly agreed.


So we went to the mall in town and walked into Teavana. The smells of all sorts of dried herbs and flowers made me feel like I was in heaven – Tea Heaven. He also talked me into buying some loose tea. I picked out Jade Citrus Mint. The Perfectea Maker was about $20 for the 16oz and about $9.50 for 2.4oz of tea. A little pricey for my preference, but he said it would be worth it.

maker 3

We get home, and my excitement could not be contained. I made a serving of tea and fell in love! Within less than a week of owning the tea maker, I must have made over a dozen servings of tea.

maker 4

What’s so special about this maker? You can steep your tea in it, then place the maker onto any cup and watch it drain into the cup. The tea stays in the maker, and you have a delicious cup of tea! You can even still use tea bags if you don’t want to mess around with loose tea. What I like to do is carefully place an empty bottle under the draining area and fill up the bottle. I then put the bottle into the fridge to chill, and voila! Iced tea!


So by far, the best purchase I’ve made! All thanks to my wonderful husband!

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Tea, Tea, and more Tea!