66158_10204312399389513_2387828437072797959_nHello! I’m Victoria & welcome to my page!

I’m 26. I am married & we have a beautiful dog and an obnoxious cat together. We have been together since April of 2007 & married since April of 2011!!

We live in a little town with his step-mother & both her dog and cat.

I am obsessed with giraffes and foxes!

I’m normally a happy person. I like to read and crochet. I am a Netflix junkie! Yes, I do like to keep to myself, but I also enjoy hanging out with friends & family as well!

I have a crochet shop on Etsy called Practically Piercing Crochet Goodies! Everything is handmade with lots of love and care.

I have a subscription to Ipsy. *I don’t always wear make up, but when I do, I look like amazing!* (haha) I honestly don’t wear make up all of the time, but I do enjoy this subscription because it lets me try out 4-5 different beauty products for only $10 a month! Plus, it comes in a cute little make up bag!!!

Sorry, I’m getting side tracked…

I decided to start writing because I figured that I might like blogging. I’m not the best writer, I make a lot of mistakes, but I do enjoy writing a thing here and there. I’m hoping to write a post at least once a week pertaining to something along the lines of *LIFE* — *LOVE* — *CRAFTS* — *&MORE*

I don’t know what I plan on blogging about each week, but hopefully it will be thoughtful and interesting – to me at least šŸ˜‰

For business inquiries: practicallypiercing@gmail.com


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