I want to be healthier and feel confident. I plan to lose 155LBS by loosing 10LBS a month to reach my ultimate goal of 135LBS by October 2016.

June 28th Start Weight: 290.7 (155lbs to go)

  • July 31 Goal: 280


Monday, July 13 2015 ———– High 92`

284.8LBS: 149 to go

  • Completed 20 minute workout & 3 mile walk && 10 min #journeytosplits 😀
  • Breakfast: oatmeal & milk
  • Lunch: turkey sandwich
  • Dinner: Mac & cheese, fish, corn
  • Snacks: carrots, sunflower seeds, pulparindo, red vines
  • I woke up at 4, I fell back asleep until 830. Now I’m fighting off a headache.

Tuesday, July 14 2015 ———– High 92`

  • Completed 10 min #journeytosplits -_-
  • Breakfast: none
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: pork, rice, salad
  • Snacks: yogurt, ice cream
  • Didn’t want to wake up. Slept until 230pm. Just one of those days.

Wednesday, July 15 2015 ———– High 96`

282.5LBS: 147 to go

  • Completed 2 mile walk & 10 min #journeytosplits 😀
  • Breakfast: oatmeal & milk
  • Lunch: turkey, cheese, sandwich
  • Dinner: meatloaf, rice, mix veggies
  • Snacks: carrots, celery, sunflower seeds, yogurt
  • Super good day! I’m happy with everything today! Go tomorrow!

Thursday, July 16 2015 ———– High 100`

  • Completed 30 minutes workout
  • Breakfast: oatmeal & milk
  • Lunch: cheese & turkey sandwich
  • Dinner: pretzel pizza & bread sticks
  • Snacks: yogurt, sunflower seeds, ice cream
  • I’m having a hard time doing my workout, almost like a part of me is resisting it. I much fight back!

Friday, July 17 2015 ———– High 99`

282.1LBS: 147 to go

  • Completed 3 mile walk!
  • Breakfast: peanut butter & honey sandwich
  • Lunch: cheese & turkey sandwich
  • Dinner: chips, cheeseburger
  • Snacks: ice cream, popcorn
  • Today was a good day. I’m exhausted from the day in general, but still a good day.


*I can’t believe how far I’ve come! There is still so much to do, and learn, and improve! Good bye old self! Hello new life! this month may have two weeks left, but I’m nowhere near done with what I’ve been doing! GO ME!

One day at a time. It helps having a plan and having goals. I do what I can with what resources I have, and it works for me.


That is all I have for now! Thank you!!!

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