I want to be healthier and feel confident. I plan to lose 155LBS by loosing 10LBS a month to reach my ultimate goal of 135LBS by October 2016.

June 28th Start Weight: 290.7 (155lbs to go)

  • July 31 Goal: 280


Monday, July 6 2015 ———– High 92`

283.7LBS: 148 to go

  • Completed 20 minute workout & 2 mile walk 😀
  • Breakfast: peanut butter with honey sandwich
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: 2 hotdogs
  • Snacks: celery with hazelnut spread & apple empanada
  • I have been awake since 3am! I am exhausted! On top of that, my heel hurts bad!

Tuesday, July 7 2015 ———– High 104`

  • Completed 30 minute workout 😀
  • Breakfast: yogurt & carrots
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: garlic chicken pasta & veggies
  • Snacks: sunflower seeds, apple empanada, ice cream, red vines
  • With as much as I feel like giving up today, I know I can’t. Keep it up!

Wednesday, July 8 2015 ———– High 89`

287.4LBS: 152 to go

  • Completed 2 mile walk in 38 minutes! 😀 & quick 5 minute workout
  • Breakfast: none
  • Lunch: turkey, cheese, lettuce sandwich
  • Dinner: beef round, rice pilaf, mix veggies
  • Snacks: yogurt, hazelnut spread, sunflower seeds, red vines
  • Don’t get discouraged! I did 2 miles in 38 minutes! Weight will bounce a lot! KEEP IT UP!

Thursday, July 9 2015 ———– High 84`

  • Completed 30 minutes workout 😀
  • Breakfast: peanut butter & honey sandwich
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: bacon, eggs, potatoes
  • Snacks: yogurt, skinny girl protein bar, sahale snacks fruit and nuts
  • Did pretty good today! I missed lunch, but I did wake up late. That’s ok though! 😀

Friday, July 10 2015 ———– High 85`

282.7LBS: 147 to go

  • Completed 3 mile walk! 😀
  • Breakfast: oatmeal & milk
  • Lunch: pork, egg, cheese, potato burrito & chips
  • Dinner: bleu cheese burger with sweet potato fries
  • Snacks: sunflower seeds
  • Success! Three miles! The best feeling in the world!


*Two weeks done! YES! All I have to do is continue doing what I’m doing! This is my lifestyle now! This is what I want! I have also started Blogilates 30 days to splits. I’m excited for that! I even ordered 2 yoga blocks for the stretching! GO ME! 😀 ❤

So I mentioned I started doing Blogilates 30 days to splits! So far, I’m liking the stretches!

30 day splits

If you click HERE, you can find the video explaining it. You can click HERE for the Blogilates page for it.

I would like to also share what I’ve been using for my workouts!


The application is called SWORKIT. It’s a free app that is available through Apple, Google, & Amazon. It is a personalized workout routine that doesn’t require equipment. You choose the workouts, you choose the length of it, you do the work. If you want more information, just visit the website in the link above!

I hope you check out those two websites! They are really amazing!

That is all I have for now! Thank you!!!

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